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ESWC2005 Proceedings - LNCS 3532
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Demos / Posters


1. Vaios Papaioannou, Babis Theodoulidis

A Web Based Ontology Environment for Information Systems



2. E. Della Valle, D. Cerizza, I. Celino, E. Della Valle, D. Cerizza, I. Celino

The COCOON project


3. Anders Ardo

Focused crawling in the ALVIS semantic search engine


4. Mark Giereth

FSLib - A Toolkit for Aggregation, Merging and Visualizing RDF Graphs


5. Thomas Karopka, Mathias Krech, Änne Glass

Reasoning Over Biological Pathways Using Semantic Web Technology


6. Bernd Markscheffel, Hendrik Thomas, Dirk Stelzer

Merlino - a prototype for semi automated generation of occurrences in topic maps using internet search engines


7. Mark Giereth

Partial RDF Encryption as a Method for Addressee-Oriented Publishing in the Semantic Web


8. Chris Bizer, Richard Cyganiak, E. Rowland Watkins

Poster- NG4J - Named Graphs API for Jena


9. Giovanni Tummarello, Christian Morbidoni, Paolo Puliti, Francesco Piazza

RDF signing supporting resource centric requests


10. Oscar Celma, Perfecto Herrera

The SIMAC project: interacting with music content by means of semantic descriptors


11. Tomi Kauppinen, Eero Hyvönen

Modeling Coverage Between Geospatial Resources


12. Ville Komulainen, Arttu Valo, and Eero Hyvonen

A Collaborative Ontology Development and Service Framework ONKI


13. Gunnar AA. Grimnes , Alun Preece, Pete Edwards

Towards a Goal Driven Learner for the Semantic Web



1. Ljiljana Stojanovic, Dimitris Apostolou

The OntoGov e-Government Service Factory


2. Valentina Tamma, Ian Blacoe, Ben Lithgow Smith, and Michael Wooldridge

SERSE: SEmantic Routing SystEm


3. Philipp Cimiano, Johanna Volker, York Sure

A Framework for Ontology Learning and Datadriven Change Discovery


4. David Aumueller

Semantic authoring and retrieval within a Wiki


5. Sacha Berger, Francois Bry, Oliver Bolzer

Querying the standard and Semantic Web using Xcerpt and visXcerpt


6. Atanas Kiryakov, Borislav Popov, Dimitar Manov, Damyan Ognyanoff, Ilian Kiutchukov, Ivan Terziev

Automatic Semantic Annotation with KIM


7. M.I. Bagues, J. Bermudez, A. Goni, A. Illarramendi, A. Tablado

AINGERU: An application that takes profit of semantic web techniques at a PDA


8. Craig McKenzie, Alun Preece, Peter Gray

AKTive Workgroup Builder (AWB): Constraint Satisfaction Problem

Solving over the Semantic Web


9. Sebastian Ryszard Kruk

JeromeDL and FOAFRealm - Taking Advantage of Collaborative

Filtering in Digital Libraries


10. Edward Thomas, Yi Zhang, Derek Sleeman

OntoSearch: a Service to Support the Reuse of Ontologies


11. Sandra Aguirre, Stefan Brantner, Gernot Huber, Sascha Markus, Zoltán

Miklós, Alberto Mozo, Daniel Olmedilla, Joaquin Salvachua, Bernd Simon,

Stefan Sobernig, Thomas Zillinger

Corner Stones of Semantic Interoperability Demonstrated in a Smart

Space for Learning


12. Kalina Bontcheva, Hamish Cunningham, Marta Sabou

GATE: An Opensource Infrastructure for Knowledge Acquisition for the Semantic Web


13. Pasqualino "Titto" Assini

Practical Semantic Portal Design: The Madiera Data Portal


14. Daniel Elenius, Grit Denker, David Martin

The OWLS Editor - A Development Tool for Semantic Web Services


15. Darko Anicic, Alistair Duke, Marc Richardson, Sam J. Watkins

A Semantic Web Services Browser and Composer


16. Nicholas Gibbins, Harith Alani, Steve Harris and Nigel Shadbolt

AKTive Futures: Supporting strategic decision-making


17. Pat Croke, Ann Johnston, Kim Tighe

JACK: The Personal Semantic Web Browser


18. Boris Motik, Rudi Studer

KAON2 - A Scalable Reasoning Tool for the Semantic Web


19. Nick Kings, Alistair Duke, John Davies

Semantic Search Agents: SEKTagent


20. Wray L. Buntine and Kimmo Valtonen, Michael P. Taylor

Title: The ALVIS Document Model for a Semantic Search Engine


21. Andreas Harth, Hannes Gassert

On Searching and Displaying RDF Data from the Web


22. Boris Motik, Denny Vrandecic, Pascal Hitzler, York Sure, Rudi Studer

dlpconvert: Converting OWL DLP statements to logic programs



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